Et puis c’est tout !

« Et puis c’est tout » And that’s about it, full stop…

A short, striking phrase that could be used for advertising. Yet, there is a problem: it already is.

It is a phrase commonly used by Philippe Lucas, Laure Manaudou’s former coach. He rose to fame when she won the Olympics. He remained famous and even got his puppet in the very popular puppet show Les Guignols even when Manaudou took a break from the media. His puppet – sporting long peroxided hair like him and a much more gnarly face – always had definite opinions about everything and concluded every sentence by « Et puis c’est tout ! »

Les Guignols often use this type of catchphrase to make their characters identifiable and to create comic repetition. It is their job as entertainers, after all. Sometimes the line between public figures and their puppets become blurry, like the apple-obsessed Jacques Chirac puppet (who developped this urge to mention apples every other second after the real Jacques Chirac, then a candidate to presidency, was asked why there was an appletreee on the cover of his essay about France and blurted out « well, they’re good for you, and everybody should eat them ») or the agrammatical Johnny Halliday (the puppet begins every sentence by a meaningless « Ah que »; the real man apparently never said « Ah que » in his whole life).

In this case, though, puppet/person confusion was very useful for Philippe Lucas. He got a publicity deal with an energy provider and the ad just shows him and the slogan « Et puis c’est tout ».

The man almost has a trademark on it. Which means that using the phrase in another text may bring about some unwanted associations.

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