The Christmas Workshop

The last workshop of the year took place in December and the theme was Christmas. We had a lot of fun meeting in Luxembourg to write about the following prompts:
1 – Christmas Cake
Write a recipe for a cake. Each ingredient has to be meaningful, for instance remind you of Christmas pasts or childhood memories. Explain the ingredients and how to cook and eat the cake.
2 – Santa’s Secret
Santa Claus gives present. Santa Claus is nice. But Santa Claus really has an agenda. One of his elves has decided to speak up. You are that elf. What is Santa’s secret goal?
3 – The Immaterial Present
If you could offer something that cannot be put inside a box, what would it be and who would you give it to?

My present was one second of inner peace, and I would have given it to everyone. Just one second is enough: you can go back to that second of inner peace indefinitely.

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