Autumn Leaves

Autumn, the season when leaves fall…

Jacques Prévert’s beautiful poem was made into a song and interpreted by many artists, including Yves Montand. Here is a link to the original French version:

And here is a cover by Eric Clapton:

Now, let yourselves be inspired for a few writing exercises.

1) 5-10 minutes: imagine a situation where a man would go and tell these words to a (formerly) loved woman. Would that be in a letter? Would he tell her those words? Where are they?

2) 10 minutes: imagine you are the woman in question. You are reminiscing about the man when you used to be so in love with each other; now describe him at that time, when all that he was, all that he did, was beautiful. Then, picture him again as the first flush of love vanishes and makes way for aggravation, hostility, resentment… Describe him then.

3) 5 minutes: write a text beginning with those words: “And the sea wipes out the steps of the disunited lovers on the sand.” What happens next on the beach? Do other people come for a walk? Is it dusk, or are we under the midnight sun? Do the lovers come back?

You can type your texts in the comments if you wish.

See you soon in real life at the Moccachili!

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