19th October 2013 Writing Meetup: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The theme for this week’s workshop was “A Trip Down Memory Lane”: memories, real and invented.
During Exercise 1, participants were asked to write about a childhood memory that had some mystery attached to it. They each read it out. Then I paired the participants and asked participant B to develop an aspect of participant A’s story.
Exercise 2 was about making up a word from two opposite concepts, to describe someone or something you had mixed feelings about. Example: marvenoy, made from “marvel” and “annoy”, to describe somebody who fascinates and annoys you at the same time.
Exercise 3 was in 3 parts: 1) write a special memory; 2) write a trivial anecdote; 3) write about the common thread between the two.
4 people came, and the stories were really funny! It was nice to see what everyone came up with. The made-up words were great, since everyone could see exactly what they meant. I’ll post members’ writings if they give me their permission to do so.